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Tesla Club of Southern Arizona
Founded November 2014

Contacting Tesla

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Tucson Service

Tesla U.S. Customer Support & Roadside Assistance 

Scheduling Service Via the Tesla App

Dan's Paint and Body

Contacting Tesla Online (chart)

Tesla Owners Club Directory - U.S. and Worldwide (link)


2901 E. Elvira Rd. Ste 135
Tucson AZ 85756
(520) 329-6480
Option 2 Service
Option 3 Sales

The service center is located just north of the Tucson International Airport: 

Email at [Tucson (underscore) service at tesla dot com]


[Tucson (underscore) service at tesla dot com]

Stephanie Machuca
Tesla Service Advisor

(520) 329-6480 ext 76929

Sales/Customer Experience

Victor Longoria

Customer Experience Manager

(520) 241-1561 Mobile

(520) 329-6480 Ex 76928 Office 

Imelda Castillo Lopez

Tesla Advisor (Sales)

520/329-6480 Ex 46534 Office

Contact information above updated 23 September 2021

You do not have to take your car to Tempe or Scottsdale to receive service – we have the best ranger team around right here in Tucson!

U.S.Customer Support & Roadside Assistance

Toll free: (877) 798-3752

Tesla Roadside Assistance is committed to providing you with immediate roadside services, 24/7 365 days a year.

Scheduling Service via the Tesla App


From Tesla on in app scheduling link here:


  • Select 'Service’ on the home screen of your Tesla app.
  • Select the topic(s) that you would like addressed.
  • On the 'Details' screen, include:
  • A detailed description of what you’re experiencing with your car. This is required. Please include information such as the date and time the concern(s) last occurred and the frequency of the concern.
  • Photos related to the topic (max file size 50mb, up to 5 photos per appointment). Photos are optional, but very helpful. If you’re unable to upload pictures while scheduling your service appointment, you can add them later by visiting the ‘Confirm’ and/or ‘Details’ screen.
  • Enter the address at which you would like to receive service. Based on your service request and availability, you will be presented with Mobile Service or Service Center appointment options.
  • Confirm the day and time that works best for you.
  • Ensure the pre-populated contact information is current. We recommend you include a mobile phone number if you would like to receive automated SMS updates.
  • To reschedule your Service appointment, select 'Service' on the home screen of your Tesla app and click the blue 'Edit' button next to 'Date & Time.'
  • To cancel your Service appointment, select 'Service' on the home screen of your Tesla app and select the 'Cancel' button at the bottom of the screen. Select ‘Yes’ to confirm.
  • To add more information or an additional topic, select ‘Service’ on the home screen of your Tesla app and click the blue 'Edit' button.

Dan's Paint and Body is the Tesla approved body shop in southern Arizona. Dan's is located at 22nd and Alvernon. 3810 E 22nd St, Tucson (520) 795-0075

Tesla Owners Club Directory link here.
The Tesla Owner Club is a community of owners and enthusiasts committed to advancing Tesla's mission to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy. Club members help advocate for Tesla by supporting legislative efforts, offering test-drives, volunteering at shows, educating new and prospective owners, hosting social events and passionately referring friends and family to explore Tesla ownership for themselves.


Copyright © 2021 Tesla Club of Southern Arizona

Founded November 2013
Incorporated October 2018
501(c) (7) granted May 2019

Tesla Club of Southern Arizona is an enthusiast club and 501(c) 7 non-profit organization. It is registered with the state of Arizona as Tesla Owners Club of Southern Arizona, Inc. aka Tesla Club of Southern Arizona

Our club participates in the Tesla Owners Club Program. While it is recognized and sanctioned by Tesla Inc. through the program, Tesla Owners Club of Southern Arizona, Inc. aka Tesla Club of Southern Arizona, is an independent enthusiast organization and is not affiliated with Tesla, Inc. or its subsidiaries. TESLA, MODEL S, MODEL X, MODEL 3, MODEL Y, POWERWALL and the “TESLA,” “T” and “TESLA and T Flag” designs, and certain other marks, are trademarks or registered trademarks of Tesla, Inc. in the United States and other countries.

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