Tesla Club of Southern Arizona

Founded November 2013


Hello and welcome to our links and frequently asked questions page. Below you will find a collection of web based resources for both new and experienced owners.

Please feel free to contact us via email with any questions or problems with your car, getting service, delivery, after market care and accessories, etc. 

Contacting Tesla link here

Membership FAQ

Supercharger Problems

New Owner Trip Planning

Other EV Groups and Resources

Membership FAQ

How do I log in? 

On any webpage in the upper left is the log in link (left image below).
Select that link and you will be taken to the log in page (middle image below). Enter your email and password with the email address that you receive you newsletters at.

Select 'forgot password' to create a new password.
Once you are successfully logged in your name will be displayed on the upper left.

To log out, select 'Log out'.

How do I register for events? 

To register log into your member account and open the events page (can be viewed as a list or calendar). Select the event you would like to attend and choose register. You will be prompted through four screens prior to confirmation.

You will receive an email with the confirmation details. The Zoom link will be included in the confirmation email for all online events. You have the option to add the event to your calendar at the time of registration.

Where is my membership card? 

Your membership card are always up to date and available to you.

Log into your member account. The card is viewable on the membership tab. 

You can download it as a printable PDF, or take a screenshot of the card and keep it as a photo on your phone or tablet. 

How to add a second email address on my membership?

Log into your member account.

On the contact details tab, in the member profile, the field for a secondary email address is towards the bottom. To add an address, choose edit in the profile section and then enter the address. Be sure to "save" before leaving the page. 

Why would you want a second email address associated with your profile?
This allows for someone else in your household to receive the newsletters and email notifications independent of the primary email address associated with your membership.

How to make changes to credit card or recurring payments?

Log in to your member account

Go to your member profile by selecting your name (first picture).

The landing page is "Membership details” (second picture).

Toward the bottom of the page is the link to update your credit card. (third picture). If you wish to opt out of recurring membership payments, select the STOP RECURRING PAYMENTS tab.

Did a Tesla Club in Austin, TX charge my credit card?

When you make a purchase with a credit card, for an event or merchandise, the description for that charge will say "Tesla Owners Club of S Austin TX". This is NOT a charge from a Texas club but rather our club name truncated to "Tesla Owners Club of S" and it is processed in Austin Texas.

How do I cancel my membership? 

Members cannot cancel their own membership but they can stop recurring membership fees (see above) or choose not to renew their non-recurring membership. If you would like your membership stopped immediately, email us here and we can manually suspend the membership.


Where is the drop down menu?

On the upper left of the website is a drop down menu. The content differs depending on if you have logged in (member) or not.

What is in the drop down menu?

When you are logged in (member) the drop down menu has links to:

Newsletter archives
Workshop Videos
Contacting Tesla


How do I change or update my address, phone number, or name? 

Log into your member account (see above for logging into your member account).
Select "edit profile"
Update the fields you want
Select "save"


I have a chip/crack in my windshield, who in Tucson can replace it for me? 

Tesla at the service center. Schedule an appointment with the app.

Safelight multiple locations in Southern Arizona (link here)

Quick and Right Auto Glass 520-404-0182. Note: This is an older referral from a club member.


Other EV Groups and Resources

Tucson Electric Vehicle Association (TEVA), a group of Southern Arizona electric vehicle owners and enthusiasts. A chapter of the Electric Auto Association (EAA) and advocate for environmentally clean, sustainable, petroleum-free electric transportation.

Plug In America EV Battery Survey Plug In America is conducting a series of surveys of electric vehicle owners to better understand battery longevity and owner experience.

Tesla Motors Club A comprehensive and active forum for all things Tesla.

CONTACT US info@southernaztesla.com

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Founded November 2013
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Tesla Club of Southern Arizona is an enthusiast club and 501(c) 7 non-profit organization. It is registered with the state of Arizona as Tesla Owners Club of Southern Arizona, Inc. aka Tesla Club of Southern Arizona

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