Tesla Club of Southern Arizona

Founded November 2013

23 June 2023

After ten years in operation we have to say goodbye. 

The Board of Directors, have made the decision to cease operations of the Club at the end of 2023. Yes, this means our club will be folding. We plan on maintaining operations through late December, but we have ceased taking new members and are not charging for membership renewals.

In the meantime, please visit our Facebook or Twitter pages for discussions and links to articles. If you have an urgent question, please email us at membership@southernaztesla.com.

Your Membership Dues Include:

  • Newsletter.

  • Email support and knowledge base.
  • Invitation to all club events, workshops, social events, and Zoom presentations. 
  • Some special events my have an additional cost associated with them - the holiday party for example.
  • Personalized name tag, up to two per membership when you initially sign up.
  • Discounts from our sponsors*.
  • Member to Member (M2M) - a place to share items for sale or rent your fellow members. Postings on website and in our newsletter. 
  • Access to membership directory, recorded Zoom workshops, newsletter archive.
  • Voting rights one vote per membership (must be a member in good standing).
  • Eligibility to serve on the board.

When you sign up our member management system defaults to recurring payments. If you do not want automatic recurring dues paid, log into your member profile and select the "STOP RECURRING PAYMENTS" button. This will turn off the recurring payments when your membership is due. 

The fine print-

Paid memberships are one year in length, renewal will be due one year from the date you sign up.
Memberships are per household. Refer to Article II in the By-Laws for complete details. 

* Discounts at local businesses are subject to restrictions.

Email us with any questions or if you need assistance with your membership account.


By signing up to become a member in the Tesla Club of Southern Arizona, we ask that you abide by the following: 

During Club activities and other events, members shall:

A. Conduct themselves in a manner that promotes cooperation among members.

B. Respect each other’s opinions during meetings and allow each member the opportunity to present his/her views.

C. Refrain from making personal attacks and leave personal disputes outside of The Club’s activities.

D. Conduct themselves in a manner which promotes a favorable public opinion of The Club and it’s activities/events.

E. Not make commitments on behalf of The Club without the vote of approval of the Executive Board.

F. Members will not share personal information of other members without their consent.

G. Be advised, photos taken at club events may be posted on our website or social media sites. 

H. Members can be terminated from the club for non payment of dues, violations these rules or any activity determined by the board that is not in good faith or reflects badly on the club. Refer to Article II Section 4 of the By-Laws.

I. Be a nice human.

What are my dues used for?

Dues will cover the basic operational expenses of the organization and pay for items such as the new member badges, insurance, member management system, website hosting, and event fees.
As a courtesy to our fellow Tesla owners we also provide the snacks in the waiting room at the Tucson service center.
As a 501(c)7 organization, no person may be paid any funds from monies taken in as dues and all dues must be used for the benefit of the members. A simple revenue/expense report will be published every January for the previous calendar year.

CONTACT US info@southernaztesla.com

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Founded November 2013
Incorporated October 2018
501(c) (7) granted May 2019

Tesla Club of Southern Arizona is an enthusiast club and 501(c) 7 non-profit organization. It is registered with the state of Arizona as Tesla Owners Club of Southern Arizona, Inc. aka Tesla Club of Southern Arizona

Our club participates in the Tesla Owners Club Program. While it is recognized and sanctioned by Tesla Inc. through the program, Tesla Owners Club of Southern Arizona, Inc. aka Tesla Club of Southern Arizona, is an independent enthusiast organization and is not affiliated with Tesla, Inc. or its subsidiaries. TESLA, MODEL S, MODEL X, MODEL 3, MODEL Y, POWERWALL and the “TESLA,” “T” and “TESLA and T Flag” designs, and certain other marks, are trademarks or registered trademarks of Tesla, Inc. in the United States and other countries.

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